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The Kurdish Project Infographic Series

As lead designer for The Kurdish Project during my tenure at Media Cause, I applied a credibility-focused design approach to effectively communicate the cultural and geopolitical nuances of the Kurdish people.




Media Cause
The Kurdish Project


Information Graphics

01 Problem

As one of the clients I worked on during my time at Media Cause, The Kurdish Project was firstly an educational initiative: it aimed team Americans about Kurds through social media posts and website blogs. Many people never hear about the plights of the Kurdish diaspora in school, and this project sought to bridge that gap. But more importantly, it wanted to take a design-first approach that leveraged illustrations and infographics to make the information engaging and digestible.

02 Approach

Leveraging storytelling, illustration and information graphics to drive organic social media post growth, I developed a series of visually compelling infographics to distill complex historical and geopolitical information about the Kurdish community.

03 Solution

I incorporated my early research on visual credibility to make sure the design were tightly branded and used pixel-perfect layout, as to help readers trust the source and make sense of the content. These infographics were strategically placed on The Kurdish Project's website and shared on key social media channels.


The graphics schieved substantial organic growth on Facebook and other platforms, successfully raising awareness and garnering support for the Kurdish cause.This not only enhanced the project's success but also supported the organization's mission of educating Americans about the Kurdish community.