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The app you see on this page has three purposes:
  1. to educate potential ocean farmers on the ins and outs of farming regulation and physical farm set up, helping manage their expectations and prepare them through a series of online workshops
  2. to support interested users in setting up their ocean farms, managing their budgets and mitigating the intensity of the bureaucracy involved
  3. leveraging UX, UI and data visualization to make ocean farming more technologically, logistically and intellectually accessible to the most fitting audience
Build from scratch with a huge baseline set of features, GreenWave was a large project tackled by every member of GoodFolk’s creative team at some point. As the project’s creative director, I ensured our design deliverables were not only pixel-perfect and part of a larger visual design system, but also scalable, allowing the system to be easily evolved once the branding was finally updated.


In addition to doing my usual go-to tasks of securing the universal navigation, ensuring the UX and UI were client-ready, and helping negotiate the style guide and visual direction between the design team and client, I also personally conducted a series of user interviews in collaboration with the GreenWave team and developed the wholly custom analysis you see below.