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CLIENT: Glassdoor Hackathon

CLIENT TYPE: Commercial, B2B

PROJECT TYPE: Mobile-native React-based app

DURATION: 1.5 days, completed November 2016

ROLE: Lead UX/UI designer

Mobile App for Glassdoor Employers

In order to experiment with new avenues of providing customers value through design, my team and I worked to design and develop a React-based mobile-native app for Glassdoor’s employers. The app was created in under two days during the November 2016 Hackathon. I oversaw all design, including branding, UI, UX and conceptualization of AI functionality integration, as part of the project pitch. The primary goal of the project was to bring a desktop-exclusive experience to users’ pockets, easing the monitoring of company reputation, employer brand, recruiting efforts, and more.

The original Glassdoor Employer center, a desktop-exclusive, non-responsive web app

Roles & responsibilities
  • Full-fidelity UI design using Material Design principles
  • Translating desktop web app experience to native mobile
  • Conceptualizing integration of AI functionality integration to enhance help center and sales experiences
  • Employers/employer account managers receive push notifications of changes to their company’s ratings, CEO approval ratings, new reviews, and selected competitor updates
  • A combination of AI and live associates assist customers with sales and help queries
  • A newsfeed incorporates updates from the employer’s account, competitors, followed companies and Glassdoor’s sales team
  • In-app company update functionality, including text posts, links and photography
  • Reduce help center and sales workload and develop capacity for 24/7 customer service
  • Allow users reputation-based peace of mind — on the go —without forcing them to log into the desktop-exclusive Employer Center to find out company updates
  • Provide more opportunities for Glassdoor to communicate company updates, new employer account features and competitor updates through newsfeed format
  • Make it easier and more seamless to post company updates such as event photos on the go, in order to encourage employers to continue expanding their employer brand