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ROLE: Creative Director, Lead Designer

DURATION: 6 months

COMPLETED: Spring 2018

Designing the bodyFIT (later known as Helm) app

Integrating nutrition and fitness data to help users develop and stick to healthier habits


The project behind the project

The FIT app suite strived to be the app world’s most insightful, comprehensive, and powerful tool yet for habit change. By integrating data across the app suite and, as a result, across different parts of a user’s life, FIT apps provide users a uniquely holistic understanding of their wellness. And in doing so, equip them for self-improvement like never before.

bodyFit integrates nutrition and fitness data alongside insights from its sister apps to understand its user. From letting users count calories to helping them create custom workout tracks, bodyFIT is ambitiously comprehensive.


Served as the head of design and sole designer for the development of the Beta version of bodyFIT. Responsibilities included:
  • app feature conceptualization and prioritization
  • wireframing and prototyping
  • branding for tentatively-titled app
  • over 40 completely custom, pixel-perfect app screen designs
  • overseeing implementation of design into React


  • create structural foundation for all upcoming apps in The FIT Experience suite
  • design integrated fitness-nutrition app with ability to incorporate additional data from sister apps
  • motivate users to meet government-recommended minimum weekly fitness standards
  • motivate users to manage their caloric intake while prioritizing nutrition


Much of bodyFIT’s design, especially its dashboards, intentionally center around  a balanced approach toward weekly strength, cardio and flexibility training targets. The requirements for each directly reflect those set by the US Government for weekly, holistic physical fitness needs. We created a custom approach to quantify flexibility, as the US government provides no firm guidelines. This paired well with another app feature: the personal workout tracks being developed with the help of our CEO, a fitness trainer and triathlete. His fitness philosophy is to always incorporate all three types of exercise into a day’s workout, thus we decided to use the same metrics across the board. In addition, the day’s workouts (app-based and otherwise) appear immediately below these graphs, providing users a dashboard and calendar in one view.


Low fidelity
Medium fidelity